1. Entry Fee/ Conditions

a) An entry fee of £35 per club is payable in advance which will cover administration, website costs, trophies and competition prizes. Payment details will be notified and receipts issued.

b) IMPORTANT: Participation is at players’/ teams’ own risk. All competing teams and players must arrange any necessary insurance, agree to these rules and regulations and have regard to the League’s Ethos:

There are no fines, no yellow cards, and no arguments! If one team turns up with less than you, lend them a player. If their coach is reffing the game, don't argue with him. We are doing this for fun!

2. League Format

a) Fixtures for two Phases (Phase 1 of 3 matches per team and Phase 2 of 5 matches per team) have been arranged and are available to captains and online. Other Phases may follow if possible, for no extra fee. Matches may be arranged at teams' convenience from any part of the known schedule, but teams are strongly encouraged to adhere as closely as possible to the published order of fixtures and to complete fixtures within the dates specified for that block..

b) Matches will other than exceptionally and by mutal agreement be played on Saturdays at 11.00 in south London between 5 September 2015 and 30 April 2016.

c) Matches shall be 11-a-side and 45 minutes each way wherever possible. Unlimited rolling substitutions are allowed, with the referee’s permission. (This means that substitutes may enter and leave throughout the game, but only when the ball is dead and notifying the referee where possible).

d) Reduced team numbers, pitch dimensions or playing time may be agreed between the captains and the referee in advance or on the day.Anything from seven-a-side up will be deemed to produce a valid result.
e) Players may be exchanged or borrowed to balance numbers.

f) Three points will be awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat.

g) Wins will be capped at a seven goal margin for table purposes. All goals will be awarded to their scorers for leading goalscorer and statistics purposes and will be credited on website reports etc.

3. Cup/ Plate Matches

Cup/ Plate rules will be separately notified in the event that either or both competitions take place.

4. Captains/ Fixture arrangement/ Expenses

a) Captains and contact e-mail addresses will appear on the League website,  Contact details (telephone and e-mail) will be circulated to all captains. Deputies may be appointed for any or all of a team's matches and notified to the opposing captain. Changes to permanent captain and/ or contact details should be notified as soon as possible to website admin.

b) The home captain (i.e. the captain of the first named team in the fixture) will arrange the venue and referee unless otherwise agreed. In all matches, pitch hire and any referee expenses (which must be agreed in advance) will be split 50/50 between the teams and should be confirmed and agreed in advance.

c) Referees need not be qualified and should be briefed by the captains on the League's rules and Ethos. Linesmen are not required but may be used if available by mutual agreement.

c) Results and goal scorers should be e-mailed or texted to website admin or notified to the Facebook Group before the end of the weekend. This may be jointly by one captain or individually for each team.

5. Discipline

a) Disciplinary issues will be decided at the organisers’ discretion but are expected to be extremely rare. This is a Friendly League.

6. Forfeit

a) Only in extreme circumstances should a match be forfeited.
b) In the event of failure to complete a match, the organisers will decide any sanction.

c) In general, failure to complete a fixture will result in a 0-3 walkover to the opposition, who will be awarded three points (or, in the Cup, passage to the next round).

d) In the event of a forfeit, the defaulting team must, barring extreme circumstances in the organisers' discretion, pay in full its share of any match expenses which have been incurred plus half of the opposition’s.


Organisers GRUB SMITH
August 2015